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12.2005 to date

Tenaris is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of seamless steel pipe products and provider of pipe handling, stocking and distribution services to the oil and gas, energy and mechanical industries. With manufacturing facilities in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Romania and Venezuela and a network of customer service centers in over 20 countries.

Tool:  SAP R/3 - ABAP/4 (4.7 Enterprise), module SD.

SAP technical leader for ONE project.  Planning, assignment and monitoring of tasks.

Period:  More than 6 months.




06.2003 to 11.2005

One of the main economic groups of Latin America. The organization is composed by about 30 companies all over the world. Its more excellent activity is the steel production in different configurations.

Tool:  SAP R/3 - ABAP/4 (4.0B, 4.6B and 4.70), modules MM, PP and SD.

Programming coordinator for NCA project of Siderar (Argentina) and SIPCA project of Sidor (Venezuela).  Programming assistance for NSF project of Techint Trade and Web Service, Datawarehouse and systems maintenance of Siderar.  Task planning, assignment and monitoring.

Period:  2 years.




02.2003 to 05.2003

Main steel productor of the Comunidad Andina de Naciones and first private exporter of Venezuela.  It belongs to Hylsamex (Mexico), Usiminas (Brazil), Sivensa (Venezuela), Tamsa (Mexico) and Siderar (Argentina).

Tool:  SAP R/3 - ABAP/4 (4.0B), modules MM, PP and SD.

SAP computer analyst and ABAP/4 technical analyst for SIPCA active cycle project.

Period:  4 months.



   International Health Services Argentina

02.2002 to 01.2003

It operates in health and medical aid area through the following trade marks: Emergencias SA, Eurosalud, SOS, AMID and Medical Aid. The north american company Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) is its majority owner.

Tool:  SAP R/3 - ABAP/4 (4.0B) , modules FI, CO and SD.

FI functional analyst, SAP computer analyst and ABAP/4 technical analyst for Cashflow project (5 months) and maintenance and new SAP developments (7 months).

Period:  1 year.



   Information Systems & Technology

10.2001 to 01.2002

It belongs to the Techint Group. It offers computer services to the steel companies of the organization: Confab (Brazil). Dalmine (Italy), Siat, Siderar and Siderca (Argentina), Sidor (Venezuela) and Tamsa (Mexico).

Tool:  SAP R/3 - ABAP/4 (4.0B, 4.5B, 4.6B and 4.6D), modules FI, CO, MM, PP and SD.

SAP computer analyst and ABAP/4 technical analyst for new developments and maintenance.

Period:  4 months.



   Aguas Argentinas

08.2001 to 09.2002

It provides drinking water to the city of Buenos Aires and 17 counties, affecting 12 million inhabitants. Its majority owners are Ondeo (France) and Aguas de Barcelona (Spain).

Tool:  SAP R/3 - ABAP/4 (4.6B), module IS-U/CCS (Industry Solution).

SAP computer analyst, ABAP/4 technical analyst and formador ABAP/4 Tarifa Social project.

Period:  2 months.




08.1999 to 07.2001

It is the main steel industry of Argentina. It belongs to the Techint Group and provides steel sheets in different industrial plants.

Tool:  SAP R/3 - ABAP/4 (3.0F and 4.6B) , modules FI, CO, MM, PP and SD.

SAP computer analyst and ABAP/4 technical analyst for Productos Comerciales project (1 year), Exportaciones (2 months) and Datawarehouse / E-Commerce (2 months).

ABAP/4 technical analyst Sistema de Productos project (6 months), Upgrade from 3.0F to 4.6B (2 months) and maintenance.

Period:  2 years.



   Instituto de Obra Médico Asistencial (IOMA)

01.1999 to 07.1999

Buenos Aires province medical care institute.

Tool:  Clipper 5.0.

Functional analyst and programmer.  Data migration and new systems intallation at Buenos Aires province branches.

Period:  7 meses.



   Laboratorio de Investigación y Desarrollo en Informática (LIDI)

05.1996 to 12.1997

Computer Science Research and Development Laboratory of La Plata State University.

Tool:  Visual Basic 3.0.

Research, analysis and development of a workflow tool, graduation thesis for Bachelor of Computer Science: “Workflow: Administrador de Flujo de Trabajo

Period 1 year and 8 months.




01.1991 to 12.1998

Freelance background.

Tools:  Visual Basic 3.0, Toolbook, Clipper 5.0

Software development for private activities: statistical systems, media audit, educative centers management, multimedia CDs.

Period:  8 years.